• Downloading and Installing ScreenPal

    Gettysburg College has a limited number of licenses for the Deluxe version of ScreenPal for use by faculty, administrators, and staff. Students are not eligible for these licenses and should use the free version. Installing the ScreenPal Application Problems Opening the ScreenPal Application Installing the ScreenPal Web Launcher

  • About IT

    This site is managed by the Gettysburg College IT department. If you have questions or need further assistance, please submit a request to the Help Desk. Contact Support EmailITHelpdesk@gettysburg.edu PhoneIT Help Desk: (717) 337-7000Hours: M-F 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (closed noon to 1 p.m. for lunch) G-Tech: (717) 337-6935Hours:…

  • Managing Email Messages

    Missing email messages? Sometimes this happens because important messages get lost in a sea of junk emails. Other times needed emails get filtered automatically to a specific folder depending on certain criteria. The following article provides tips for managing email with Microsoft 365. Using a Focused Inbox Microsoft 365 has…

  • Using Kahoot

    Kahoot is an online platform used by educators for creating games, quizzes, and polls. It may also be used for voting in large meetings. If you are having problems using Kahoot see the following tips. Participating in a Kahoot Activity Using the Mobile App Creating a Kahoot Activity

  • Moodle Grades Overview

    Moodle grades consist of three main components. See the moodle.org Grade Item article for more information about grade items settings, including manually and automatically produced grade items, maximum and minimum grades, grade to pass, grade types, grade display, and grade locks.

  • Moodle Pages vs. File Uploads

    The Page tool in Moodle allows users to create separate pages within a course to hold content. See the moodle.org Pages document for information about the Page tool and why one would use it over uploading a document. 

  • Overview of Moodle Tools

    Moodle has vast capabilities. It can be overwhelming to determine which Moodle tool is best for what activity. See the Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers (PDF), which can guide you through the decision of which tool can meet your objectives. 

  • Borrowing A/V Equipment

    IT has a limited number of video cameras, tripods, and other audio/visual equipment available for checkout. Contact the Help Desk for more information.