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Accessing Moodle on Mobile Devices

In addition to logging into Moodle via a web browser on a mobile device, users can also download the OpenLMS app.

While the Open LMS app works well for reviewing content, receiving course notifications or messages, and reviewing grades, the user experience is not equal to that of a web browser. Some features may not work in the mobile app.

Gettysburg College hosts Moodle through OpenLMS. The regular Moodle app for mobile will not work with your Gettysburg College credentials. Download the OpenLMS app to access the college Moodle site.

OpenLMS mobile app icon

Things to know when using the OpenLMS app

  • When logging into the OpenLMS app, a browser window will open allowing you to enter your Gettysburg Username and Password.
  • Faculty needing to create and edit course content should use a web browser rather than the OpenLMS app.
  • Panopto videos that require authentication will not play within the OpenLMS app, as the app does not allow the authentication credentials to be shared. Download the separate Panopto app to view Panopto videos on a mobile device.
  • Some third party plugins may not work in the OpenLMS app. If a course item is not behaving properly in the app, try logging in with a web browser.
Updated on June 3, 2024

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