Adding Quiz Questions to Panopto Videos

Panopto quizzes allow you to add questions that appear during the video playback. Questions can be set so that they can be skipped or that viewers have to answer the questions before resuming playback. There is also an option to send grades from Panopto video quizzes to the Moodle gradebook.

Creating a Panopto Quiz

  1. Hover over the video’s thumbnail in Panopto and click the Edit button.
  2. Navigate to the position in the video where you wish to add your questions and click the Add Content button (+ icon).
Panopto Editor Add Content button
  1. Choose Add a quiz from the pop-up menu.
  2. Enter a name for the Quiz.  (Panopto refers to one or more questions that appear at a particular point in time during the video playback as a “quiz.” You can have multiple “quizzes” associated with a Panopto video if your questions appear at different points in the video.)
Panopto-Quiz name field
  1. Choose a question type from the drop-down menu.
Panopto-quiz question type drop-down menu
  1. Click in the Question field and enter a question.
Panopto-quiz-enter question field
  1. Select a correct answer and enter an explanation (optional).
Panopto quiz correct answer field
  1. If you wish to add another question at this point in time during the video, click the Add a Question button.
Panopto quiz- add a question button
  1. Click the Done button when you are finished adding questions at this point in the video.
  2. Check the options for the quiz and click the Finish button.
  1. The quiz will now appear under the Quizzes tab in the Editor.
Panopto-quizzes tab
  1. To edit quiz questions, click on the Quiz name in the Quizzes tab, make your changes, click the Done button, and click the Finish button.
  2. To add one or more questions at another point in the video, move the play head to the position in the video where you wish the questions of appear.
  3. Click the Add Content button (+ icon) again and choose Add a quiz.
  4. Follow steps 4-11.
  5. The new quiz will appear in the video’s Quizzes tab.
Panopto quizzes tab-2 quizzes
  1. Click the Apply button to add the quizzes to the video.
Panopto Editor Apply button
  1. Click the OK button to leave the Editor.

Linking to the Panopto Video Quiz in Moodle

  1. Open your Moodle course and click the Turn editing on button.
  2. Click the Add an activity or resource link.
  3. Select Panopto Video.
Moodle Panopto Video activity
  1. Click the Select content button.
Moodle-Panopto video activity-select content button
  1. Locate the Panopto video with the quiz, select it, and click the Insert button.
  2. If you wish to pass Panopto quiz grades on to Moodle and make a Gradebook entry, open the Privacy heading and check the boxes for: Share launcher’s name with the tool, Share launcher’s email with the tool, and Accept Grades from the tool. If you don’t want a gradebook item to appear, then make sure that the Accept Grades from the tool option is not checked.
Moodle Panopto video activity-gradebook options
  1. Click the Save and return to course button.
  2. The video/quiz link appears in the Moodle course.
Panopto Video Activity in Moodle
  1. To set the point value for the quiz in Moodle and change the category, open the Edit menu and select Edit settings.
  2. Under the Grade heading, set the Maximum grade and select a Grade category.
Moodle-grade point values and grade category
  1. Click the Save and return to course button.
  2. The Panopto Video quiz will appear in the Gradebook.
Panopto video activity in Moodle gradebook

Taking a Panopto Video Quiz in Moodle (Student View)

  1. When a student clicks on the link in Moodle, the video will open in an embedded player.  The video will stop at the quiz location and allow students to answer the questions.
Panopto video quiz question student view

Viewing Panopto Video Quiz Results in Moodle

  1. In the Course administration block, click the Gradebook setup link.
  2. Click the View tab.
Moodle Gradebook setup View tab
  1. The Panopto Video quiz grades will appear in its own column.
Panopto Video Activity in Moodle gradebook- grade column

Viewing Panopto Video Quiz Results in Panopto

  1. Hover over the thumbnail of the video in Panopto and click the Settings button.
  2. Click the Quiz Results tab.
Panopto video quiz results in Panopto
Updated on December 20, 2022

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