Adding Users to a Moodle Site

While course enrollment in Moodle is handled automatically, there may be times when you need to add a person manually to your Moodle site. This video demonstrates how to add users.

Adding Users

  1. Turn editing on for the course.
  2. In the Course Administration block, choose Users > Enrolled Users.
Moodle-Course Administration block-enrolled users
  1. Click the Enroll Users button.
Moodle-Enroll users button
  1. Choose a roll from the Assign Roll drop-down menu.
Moodle-User Assigned role drop-down menu
  1. Type a name into the Search box and select a user from the possible matches that appear in the drop-down list.
Moodle-Select users drop-down menu
  1. Once selected, the user will appear as a Selected User.
Moodle-Selected Users
  1. You can add another name to the Search box to add more users to the Selected Users list. Click the Enroll Users button to add the selected individuals to the course.
Moodle-Select multiple users to enroll
  1. The new users will now appear in the Participants list. 

Changing User Roles

  1. To edit a user’s roll, click the Pencil icon next to their role.
Moodle-Enrolled Users Window-pencil icon
  1. Choose a new role from the drop-down menu to add it to existing roles.
Moodle-Enrolled Users-Drop-down menu roles
  1. Click the “X” next to any roles you wish to delete.
Moodle-Enrolled Users-Delete roll
  1. Click the Save icon to save the changes.
Moodle-Enrolled Users-Role Change-Save icon

Deleting Manually Added Users

You cannot delete users who were enrolled automatically via Conduit. These users should be deleted automatically when they add or drop the course. (This auto-deletion process may take 24 hours.) Contact the Help Desk if users are not deleted in a timely manner even after dropping a course.

To delete a user from your course, click the Trash can icon that corresponds to their name in the Participants list.

Moodle-Enrolled User-delete icon
Updated on December 22, 2022

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