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  5. Copying Content into a New Moodle Course – Using the Import Tool

Copying Content into a New Moodle Course – Using the Import Tool

Moodle allows users to import selected items from one course site into another.

Before importing items, make sure that you have teacher or editor rights in both the original and destination courses.

  1. Open the course into which you wish to import items (the destination course).
  2. Turn editing on for the course
  3. If necessary, use the Add topics button to add topics to the destination course so that the number of topics matches the number in the original course.

It is best to add the correct number of topics in the destination course before starting the import process, as Moodle will place imported items in the corresponding topic number in the new course. If your destination course has fewer topics than the original course, imported items in the destination course will be hidden until you add additional topics. 

  1. Click the More tab and select Course Reuse.
Moodle 4 - Course More tab - Course reuse option
  1. Select Import from the drop-down menu.

Moodle 4 - Course Import drop-down menu
  1. Select a course from the list and click the Continue button. (If you don’t see the course you want, search for it using the Search courses box at the bottom of the list. Sometimes a search will fail because there are too many courses that contain the search term. Try using the full name of the course, such as SOC_463_JL_Spring_2022 rather than one or two terms.)
Moodle 4 - Course Import - search courses box
  1. You can use the default Import Settings and click the Next button.

Some users uncheck the Include blocks option on the Import settings screen, as including blocks may result in duplicate Library and Honor Code blocks in your course. You can also delete these duplicate blocks from the new course after the import is complete.

Moodle 4 - Import settings window and Next button
  1. Choose the specific items you want to import and click the Next button.  You must select a topic heading before you can select items listed under the topic in the list.
Moodle 4 - course import items - include screen and next button
  1. You will see a summary of all of the items that will be imported. 
Moodle 4 - course import settings summary
  1. If the summary is correct, click the Perform Import button at the bottom of the page.
Moodle 4 - course import settings summary and Perform import button
  1. You will get a progress bar as the items are imported into the new course.  When finished, you will receive an Import complete notice. 
  2. Click the Continue button to return to the course.
Moodle 4 - import complete message and continue button
  1. Imported items will show up in the same Topic number as the original course.  For example, items from Topic 6 will show up in Topic 6 in the new course.
  2. If you do not see some of your imported items, use the Add topics button in the destination course to match the number of topics in the original course.  Moodle will reveal the imported items as you add the correct topic number.
Updated on September 1, 2023

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