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Creating a Panopto Playlist

  1. Navigate to the folder where you wish to save the playlist.
  2. Click the Create button and choose Playlist.
Panopto Create Button
  1. Enter a Name and a Description for the playlist and click the Create button.
Panopto create playlist info window
  1. Select the Overview tab and click the Add videos button.
Panopto Add videos button in playlist window
  1. Check the checkboxes for the videos you wish to add to the playlist and click the Add button.
Panopto playlist Add videos button
  1. Click the Close button.
  2. To rearrange videos in the playlist, drag the titles up of down in the Videos in Playlist list.
Panopto rearrange videos in playlist
  1. To share the playlist, click the Share tab.
  2. Set the access permissions under the Who can access this video heading.
  3. If any of the videos in the playlist have tighter access restrictions than the playlist itself, you will need to synchronize the permissions by clicking the Access tab and clicking the Synchronize Access button. Warning: this will change who has access to the individual video themselves, not just the playlist.
Panopto Synchronize Access button for playlist
  1. To share the playlist, click the Share tab and copy the link or the embed code.
  2. When clicked the first video will open in the Panopto player. To access other videos in the playlist, click the Playlist icon next to the playlist title in the Panopto player.
Panopto show playlist button
Panopto player playlist view
Updated on September 16, 2022

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