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Creating Folders Inside of a Panopto My Folder

By default, videos in your My Folder are viewable only by the video’s creator. One way to ensure that your audience can see videos in your My Folder is to create folders with different viewing permissions inside of your My Folder. When you upload files to these sub-folders, anyone with the designated folder permissions can see videos inside of the folders. You can use folders to avoid forgetting to set the permissions on individual videos, which can cause viewing errors.

  1. You can set folders so that they can be viewed by specific people, your organization, or public (unlisted). Specific people and organization permissions will require a viewer to log into Panopto. Public (unlisted) allows anyone to view the link. Public (unlisted) links, however, will not appear in web searches.
Panopto Video Permission options
  1. To create a new folder with Public (unlisted) permissions, click the My Folder link.
My Folder
  1. Click the Add Folder button.
Add Folder button
  1. Enter a name for folder and click the Enter or Return key on your keyboard. You can call the new folder whatever you want. For demonstration purposes, this article calls the newly created folder “Public.”
  2. Once saved, the new folder will have a red dot on it, indicating that you can record to the folder.
  3. Click the new folder name to open it.
Panopto Folder with red record dot
  1. Click the Folder Settings icon.
Panopto Folder Settings icon
  1. Click the Share link.
Panopto share link
  1. Under the Who can access this folder heading, click the Change link.
Panopto Share permissions Change link
  1. Select the Public (unlisted) option and click the Save button.
Panopto Folder permission choices

Just naming a folder “Public” does not give it Public (unlisted) access permissions.  You must change the permissions using the Folder Settings button.

  1. By default, new folders inherit the folder permissions of their parent folder. If you create a folder inside of your My Folder, it will inherit the Restricted Only specific people and groups permissions. If you create a folder inside of a folder with Public (unlisted) access permissions, the new folders will inherit the Public (unlisted) permissions.
  2. Lastly, Panopto stacks permissions.  So if the base folder is set to Public (unlisted) access and you change an individual video’s permissions to a specific person, Panopto will first say anyone can see the link and then acknowledge that the specified person can view the file.  Thus, you can always loosen the file permissions of an individual video in a folder, but you cannot tighten the permissions.  To tighten the permissions of a video inside of a Public (unlisted) folder, you must drag the video into a parent folder with tighter permissions, such as your My Folder.
Updated on September 16, 2022

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