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Enabling and Editing Auto-Captions in Panopto

Panopto automatically captions every video that is uploaded to the system, allowing users to search for content in the video. While videos uploaded to Panopto prior to the summer of 2024 have been captioned, these captions must be enabled before users can view them. Video creators can enable auto-captions for older videos or edit visible captions by using a video’s Edit button.

  1. Hover over the video’s thumbnail and click the Edit button.
Panopto video thumbnail -edit button
  1. Click the Captions tab.
  2. Choose Import automatic captions from the Import captions drop-down menu. 

The caption process takes a little longer than the upload process.  You may need to wait about an hour after the video finishes processing before the Import automatic captions link becomes available.

Panopto-Captions tab and Import captions drop-down menu
  1. The captions will appear.  Click anywhere within the caption text to correct caption errors.
Panopto-example of editing auto-captions for a video
  1. Click anywhere outside of the caption text to save the changes.
  2. Click the Apply button to make the captions and your changes visible.  If you don’t click the Apply button, Panopto will save your caption changes but they will not be visible to the viewer.
Panopto editor Apply button
  1. Click the Ok button to close the Editor.
Panopto editor-apply changes alert box
Updated on June 12, 2024
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