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Gradebook Training (recording of a live Moodle training)

This is recording from a live gradebook training presented in January 2021. It covers how to setup a gradebook and the various ways to enter grades into a gradebook. Topics include, categories, weights, sum of points, minimum/maximum grades, letter grades, scales, excluding empty grades, exporting grades, importing a gradebook, and dropping grades.

This video was recorded using Moodle 3 and the Classic theme. The default theme in Moodle 4 as of the Fall 2023 is Boost.

How to access the Gradebook setup in Moodle 4 using the Boost theme
To access the Gradebook setup in Moodle 4 using the Boost theme: open the course, click the Grades tab, and select Gradebook setup from the drop-down menu.

Moodle 4 - Grades tab - drop-down menu - Gradebook setup option highlighted
How to access this video’s table of contents
Click the upward arrow tab at the base of the player window to reveal a table of contents that includes links to the various topics covered in the video. Click the rightward pointing arrow to open the video in the full Panopto video player in a new tab.

Embedded Panopto Player controls

Updated on August 11, 2023

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