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Manage the Clutter Folder in Office 365

Microsoft has replaced the Clutter Folder with the Focused Inbox.

Clutter is an email filtering option available to people using Office 365. It is similar to an antispam filter as it moves less important email (based on your reading habits) into a ‘Clutter’ folder where they can be ignored or reviewed later. Clutter differs from Junk E-mail by the fact that it is coming from a valid source. The message isn’t unsolicited (junk email), but could still be of low priority to you (Clutter).

Most of the mail going into the folder should be bulk mail (advertisements) and messages from mailing lists. However, you will want to periodically check the Clutter folder as it may move legitimate email into this folder. See the PDF entitled “Manage Clutter Folder in Office 365” on the Main IT web page for instructions on managing or disabling the Clutter folder.

Updated on February 10, 2023

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