Using Rubrics, Checklists, and Marking Guides

Moodle offers several advanced grading options that allow instructors to create rubrics, checklists, and marking guides and use them in the grading process.

Adding a Rubric to an Assignment

  1. Turn Editing on for the course.
  2. Create a new Assignment.
  3. Open the Assignment and click the Advanced Grading tab.
Moodle Assignment opened with Advanced grading tab highlighted
  1. Select Rubric from the Change active grading method to drop-down menu.
Moodle Assignment Advanced grading tab with active grading method drop-down menu highlighted
  1. You can either define a new rubric or create one from a previously made rubric.
Moodle Rubric options including Define new grading form from scratch and Create new grading form from a template
  1. To create a new rubric:
    • click the Define new grading form from scratch button.
    • Enter a Name for the Rubric.
    • Enter your criterion and level information.
    • Use the Add level and Add criterion buttons to add rows and columns to your rubric.
Moodle - Rubric creation screen- add criterion and add level buttons highlighted
  1. To create a rubric from a template or previously made rubric:
    • click the Create new grading form from a template button.
    • To view rubrics you have created previously, check the Include my own forms box and click the Search button.
    • Find the rubric you wish to use as a template and click the Use this template link.
Moodle- rubric template search box

Video Recording: Moodle Advanced Grading (Rubrics and Marking Guides) Training

For video instructions on using rubrics, checklists, and marking guides, see the following recording of a live training covering Moodle’s advanced grading options.

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Updated on September 4, 2023

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