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Uploading a Video to Panopto

Choosing a Folder

Panopto organizes videos by folder. Different folders have different access permissions that limit who can see your videos once posted in Moodle or another website. Choose where you save your video files carefully to ensure that your intended audience can watch the videos. Videos are always visible to you, the videos’ creator. Thus, just because you can watch a Panopto video posted inside Moodle does not mean that your students will be able to do so. Again, always save videos to folders that allow your audience to access them.

Course Folders vs. My Folder

  1. Panopto creates Course Folders for new Moodle courses.
Browse button showing both Moodle Course Folders and a My Folder
  1. Course Folders restrict video access to those enrolled in the course.  Use this folder for video content that will be used only for this class during this semester, such as student assignments, library video reserves, or locally recorded Zoom classes. If you want to use video stored in a Course Folder in another class the following semester, you will need to move it from that Course Folder to the next semester’s Course Folder so that those currently enrolled in the class can see it.
  2. My Folder is your personal video storage space. Your My Folder restricts video access to you, but you can create folders inside of your My Folder that are accessible by others. Use this space to store videos that will be used in multiple courses now and in the future. Once file or folder permissions are set on items in your My Folder, you do not need to move them in order to share with a new group of users.
My Folder example in folder list

Creating New Folders

  1. You can create folders with different viewing permissions inside of your My Folder. When you upload files to these folders, anyone with folder permissions who receives the link will be able to view the videos. You can use folders to avoid forgetting to set the permissions on individual videos, which can cause viewing errors.
  2. See the article entitled “Creating Folders Inside of a Panopto My Folder” for information about creating new folders inside of your My Folder.

Uploading a Video

  1. Navigate to the Panopto folder where you wish to upload your video. (In most cases, this will be your My Folder or a folder inside of your My Folder.)
  2. Click the Create button and choose Upload Media.
Panopto Create button
  1. Drag a video file into the Add files window. You can also click anywhere in the upload area to open a window and browse files on your computer. Use the Ctrl or Command keyboard keys to select and upload multiple files at a time.
Panopto Add Files Window
  1. As the files upload, a progress bar will appear for each added file.
  2. When all uploads are complete, a message will appear asking you to close the Add files window.
Close Panopto Add Files window
  1. Panopto will add the video to the specified folder and begin processing the files (compressing them, generating thumbnails, captions, etc.). You do not need to remain logged into Panopto while files are processing.
Panopto File processing bar
  1. A thumbnail will appear for a video when processing is complete.

Setting Video Viewing Permissions

  1. If you have uploaded your video to either a Course Folder or a folder inside of your My Folder with preset permissions, then you do not need to change the permissions of individual videos. Videos will inherit the permissions of the parent folder. See the article entitled “Creating Folders Inside of a Panopto My Folder” for information about creating new folders with designated permissions.
  2. To change the permissions of an individual video, hover over the video’s thumbnail to reveal the Edit, Share, Settings and More Actions buttons.
Panopto video thumbnail with Share, Settings, and More Actions buttons visible
  1. Click the Share button.
Panopto Video Share Button
  1. Under the Who can access this video heading, click the Change link.
Panopto Who can access this video-change button
  1. Choose either the Public (unlisted) or Your Organization (unlisted) options. Remember the Your Organization (unlisted) option requires authentication within Panopto, which adds security but can lead to playback denials.
Panopto Who can access this video options

Updated on August 2, 2023

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