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Uploading Videos to a Panopto Assignment Folder

If a professor has created an Assignment Folder in Panopto, students can use the folder to upload or record videos for review. See this video for instructions on using an Assignment Folder.

Use Chrome to upload videos to Panopto. Safari may block the Panopto authentication needed to log into Panopto via Moodle.

Additionally, Moodle links to Panopto Course folders. Once inside the Panopto Course folder, students must click on the actual Panopto Assignment Folder to open it before trying to upload or record video. Failing to open the Panopto Assignment Folder inside of the Course Folder may block the upload process.

  1. If necessary, export your video project from your video editing software as a self-contained video file (such as a .mp4, .mov, or .wmv). Panopto only accepts video files. It does not accept video project files. See Common Problems When Sharing Video for more information about exporting a video project as a video file.
  2. Best Practice: Name your video file using your username or other to identifying information. This helps your professor to see at a glance who has uploaded a file.
  3. Log into Moodle using Chrome as your browser.

    (Safari sometimes blocks authentication. Popup/adware blockers may also interfere with the authentication process.  You must be logged into Panopto in order to upload a video to an Assignment Folder.)
  4. In your Moodle course, click on the video upload link resource your professor has provided. (Exact name may vary.)
Moodle-Link to Upload Files into Panopto
  1. Depending on how your professor has set up the link you may need to click on a second Panopto assignment link to open Panopto. 
Second Panopto Assignment folder link in Moodle
  1. Once inside of Panopto, you will see any videos that your professor has uploaded to the Panopto course folder as well as any folders they have created. Click on the folder named for the assignment to open it. In this example, the Assignment folder is called Video Essays Assignment.
Panopto-Assignment Folder icon
  1. Click on the Create button and choose Upload Media from the drop-down menu.
Panopto Create Button-Video Assignment Folder
  1. Drag your video file into the upload window.
Panopto-Assignment Folder upload window
  1. A progress bar will appear. When the upload has completed you will get a message saying it is safe to close the window. 
  2. The file is now up on the server and will begin processing. You do not need to remain logged in while the file is processing. When the file has completed processing, a thumbnail will appear and you can play your video.
Updated on December 20, 2022

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