User Overrides in Moodle Quizzes

Moodle allows you to change the due date or extend the time period when students have access to a quiz or assignment. You can apply user overrides to individual students or create groups and apply the overrides to a group.

Adding Individual Student Overrides

  1. Open your course and click the Turn editing on button.
  2. Click on the Quiz to open it.
  3. Choose User overrides from the Quiz Administration options.
Moodle quiz - User overrides link
  1. Click Add user override button.
Moodle - Add User Override button
  1. Search for a student in the Search box and add them into the Override user box.
Moodle - User Override window - search box
  1. Reset the Close time and increase the Attempts allowed or change the Time limit to give the student more time to take the quiz.
Moodle - User Override Window - close date and attempts allowed
  1. Click Save.

Creating Group Overrides

  1. Open your course and click the Turn editing on button.
  2. If you haven’t already done so, create a new group of students.
  3. Open the quiz and choose Group overrides from the Quiz administration block.
Moodle-Group Overrides link in quiz administration block
  1. Click the Add group override button.
Moodle-Group Override button
  1. From the Override group drop-down menu, select the appropriate group.
Moodle-Override Group selection drop-down menu
  1. Make your override changes and click the Save button.
Moodle-Group Override options window
Updated on December 20, 2022

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