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Where is Everyone? Solving Meeting ID Problems During a Zoom Session

Sometimes you find yourself in a Zoom meeting, only to discover that your participants are not there and are unable access the meeting. The most likely cause of this situation is that you sent out a Zoom invitation with one meeting ID, but opened your current Zoom session using a different meeting ID. There are a couple of ways to fix this “right time, wrong room” problem.

Method 1: Send a new invitation from within your current Zoom session

  1. In the upper, left corner of the active Zoom meeting window, click the green Meeting information icon.
Zoom-Meeting Information icon
  1. Click the Copy Link button.
Zoom Meeting Information window
  1. Paste the link into an email and send it to your participants.

Method 2: Close the current Zoom session and open another Zoom session using the meeting ID in your original invitation

  1. Close your current Zoom session.
  2. Find your original Zoom session invitation.  (Depending on how you originally notified your participants, check your Outlook calendar or Sent email folder.)
Zoom Meeting in Outlook Calendar
  1. Copy the Meeting ID from the invitation.
Meeting ID in Zoom Outlook Event
  1. In the Zoom application, click the Join button.
Zoom Join Meeting Button
  1. Paste the Meeting ID into the ID field and click the Join button.
Zoom-Join Meeting Window
Updated on September 16, 2022
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