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Zoom scheduling privileges

Zoom offers the ability to allow other people to schedule meetings for you without them needing to log into your account. You can also schedule meetings for other people if they have allowed you the same privilege

  • Log into the Zoom website
  • Select Settings and the Meeting tabZoom settings tab
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom to find the Schedule Privilege optionsZoom scheduling dislog
  • The account here allows e***@gettysburg.edu and c***@gettysburg.edu to schedule meetings for them. However, only e***@gettysburg.edu can see meetings that have been set to private. It is also able to schedule meetings for e***@gettyburg.edu. You can only allow other people to schedule for you: if you want to be able to schedule for them they must invite you.
  • To add a person, click the either the Add or Edit linksZoom adding schedule user
  • To add a user, type their name into the box, select if they can see your private events and hit Save. To add additional users click the Add button to create another box, enter the data and hit Save
  • Once you grant the another user the ability to schedule for you, they can do that by creating a meeting normally but selecting a user other than “Myself” Zoom create meeting for other user interface

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Updated on July 6, 2023

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