Connect to a Student H Drive

The H drive is space on the college’s network where you can store your school work for safekeeping. In order to access this network space, you will need to download either Secure Shell (SSH downloadable executable) or Fugu (FTP for Mac OS X).

The following instructions should help you set up SSH and log in to access your H drive:

1. Download Secure Shell Remote software. This is a free version available for students.

2. Install the software

3. The installer should have placed a shortcut for the program in the Start Menu. Run the program by clicking the shortcut.

4. Click Quick Connect and enter the following information in the Connect to Remote Host Window:

5. Enter the information below:
Username: Your Gettysburg User ID
Port Number: 222

6. Click Connect.

7. The first time you connect to the server, you will receive several warnings. Click Yes to all of them

8. Enter your Gettysburg password when prompted.

9. Click the button for New File Transfer Window.

10. Find the files that you need and copy them to the desktop.

Note: You cannot work directly on files through SSH. You need to copy them to the local machine, make the necessary changes and then copy them back to the server.

Updated on May 9, 2023

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