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Installing and Accessing WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular, open-source software platform used to create about 40% of websites worldwide. It supports a robust array of third-party plugins and themes, providing users with various ways to design and customize their websites without having to know how to write code.

WordPress needs to run on a web server so that your users can access your site. Sites at Gettysburg provides the storage and web services needed to operate a WordPress site.

Installing WordPress

  1. Log into Sites at Gettysburg.
  2. Under the Applications heading, click the WordPress icon.
  3. Click the Install this application button.
WordPress-Install Application Button
  1. In the Domain field, choose the address that begins with https:// and your domain name. Be sure to that address includes the “s” after http to avoid browser security warnings.
WordPress Installation - Domain field
  1. Enter a Directory name. This name will be appended to the end of your website’s URL.  Thus, keep it short, descriptive, and avoid any spaces or special characters.

While it says that the Directory is “optional,” it really is not.  This directory name becomes part of your website address.  You may have several different WordPress sites for different classes and they should all have different addresses with different root folders.  If you leave this blank, resources for different sites will be housed in the same place, making it very confusing. In short, always specify a Directory when creating a WordPress site!

WordPress-Installatron-Directory setting field
  1. Scroll down and enter an Administrator Username and Administrator Password. Use a unique username and password. Do not use your Gettysburg username and password as your WordPress administrator credentials.
WordPress- Admin username and password fields
  1. Scroll down and enter a Website Title and a Website Tagline. You can change these entries once the website has been created.
WordPress-Website Title and Tagline fields
  1. Scroll down and click the Install button.
WordPress-Install button
  1. The installation process will begin and a progress bar will appear.
  2. Once completed, you will see the new WordPress site in your list of Sites at Gettysburg applications. Click the link ending with wp-admin/ to begin editing your WordPress site.
WordPress- wp-admin link

Updating WordPress and Plugins

For security reasons, it is always a good idea to keep WordPress sites and plugins updated.

  1. Choose Dashboard > Updates.
  1. If necessary update WordPress and/or any Plugins and Themes.
WordPress-Plugins updates

Further Resources for using WordPress

Updated on June 16, 2023

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