Managing Email Messages

Missing email messages? Sometimes this happens because important messages get lost in a sea of junk emails. Other times needed emails get filtered automatically to a specific folder depending on certain criteria. The following article provides tips for managing email with Microsoft 365.

Using a Focused Inbox

Microsoft 365 has recently added a Focused Inbox feature that separates emails into two tabs called Focused and Other. Account emails and message from people you have interacted with previously show up under the Focused tab, while bulk emails and automatically generated emails appear under the Other tab. Simply click the appropriate tab to view emails.

Focused and Other tabs in Outlook

For more information about using the Focused Inbox feature, see Microsoft’s Focused Inbox for Outlook article.

The Focused Inbox has replaced the Clutter Folder used in previous versions of Office 365. For more information about the transition from the Clutter Folder to a Focused Inbox see Microsoft’s article “Focused Inbox, no more Clutter.”

Updated on February 10, 2023
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