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Uploading and Sharing Files Using Microsoft OneDrive

Transferring large files to another person online can be as simple as sending a link that allows recipients to download the files. Gettysburg faculty, students, and employees have access to cloud storage space via Microsoft OneDrive, which allows users to upload files to their accounts and share them with others via a link.

Uploading a File

  1. To access your Gettysburg OneDrive account, go to the Microsoft 365 Portal. https://portal.office.com (You can also access OneDrive via the Office 365 site.)
  2. Enter your full Gettysburg email address.
  3. If prompted, choose the Work or school account option.
  4. Enter your Gettysburg password.
  5. Upon logging into Office 365 online, you will see a list of commonly used apps.  If you don’t see the OneDrive app, try clicking the checkerboard icon usually located in the upper left corner of the screen to reveal more Microsoft products.
Office 365 checkerboard icon to access all 365 applications
  1. Click on the OneDrive icon.
  2. To upload a file, click the Upload link and choose Files.
  3. Select a file to upload and click the Open button.
  4. If the file is large, you may see a progress indicator that estimates the time it will take to complete the upload.

Sharing a File

  1. Once the upload is completed you can share the file with others by selecting it and clicking the Share link.
  2. A Send Link window opens and lists who will be able to see the file when shared.
  3. Clicking on the currently selected option reveals several ways to share the file.
OneDrive Send Link window
  1. The Anyone with a link option is the least restrictive and allows anyone who receives the link to see and download the file.
  2. The People in the Gettysburg College with the link option requires individuals to log into their Gettysburg OneDrive accounts to see the file.  If you choose this option, anyone with a Gettysburg College username and password will be able to view the file after logging into their OneDrive accounts.
  3. If you need to restrict access to a specific person or group, choose the Specific People option.
  4. Selecting the Can Edit option allows others to edit the file upon logging into their OneDrive account.  You do not need to select this option to watch or download the shared file.
  5. Click the Apply button.
  6. If you chose the Specific People option, enter their name, group name, or email address into the To: field and select the appropriate edit options from the Can Edit drop-down menu.
OneDrive- share files with individual or group
  1. Click the Copy button.
  2. Click the Copy button again to copy the link.
OneDrive-copy button

Stop Sharing a File

  1. To stop sharing an item in your OneDrive account, select the item.
  2. Click on the Show Actions icon (three dots) and select Manage Access.
OneDrive three dot or more options button
  1. Click Stop Sharing.
OneDrive-stop sharing link

View OneDrive Files and Folders Shared with You by Others

  1. Upon opening OneDrive, you will see files and folders that you have uploaded listed under the Files or My Files heading.
  2. Files and folders shared with you are located under the Shared heading.

OneDrive-Shared Files icon
  1. If you wish to see Shared folders in your My Files view, click hover over the folder in the list and click on the Show Actions icon (three dots).
OneDrive-Folder Show Actions icon
  1. Choose Add shortcut to My Files.
Updated on December 14, 2022

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