Software: Site Licenses

Gettysburg College has licensing agreements for various pieces of software. Access depends on location and role at the college. See the table below for further information.

In computer labs Faculty/staff can install on work computer Faculty/staff can install on home  computer Students can install on personal computer 
All Adobe products 1NoNoNoNo
ArcGIS YesYesYesSpecial2
ChemDraw YesYes3Yes3Yes3
Matlab YesNo4No4No
MS Office YesNo6No6Yes6
MS OneDriveYesYes6Yes6Yes6
Zoom YesYesYesSpecial8
1.) All Adobe Products
Almost all Adobe products are subscription only.  Academic licenses begin at $20/month:  
2.) ArcGIS
IT can handle special requests for occasional research students: the complexities of licensing ESRI products make it infeasible to do on a class-wide basis.  ArcGIS Online is a lower end program that is site licensed and much easier to handle: 
3.) ChemDraw
Create a Perkin Elmer account at to access 
4.) Eviews / Matlab / Stata
Faculty must purchase an individual license if they wish to use this program in research, including student research projects. 
5.) Mathematica 
6.) MS Office / OneDrive
Faculty and staff can access Microsoft 365 online through the MS Office365 login.

Students can access and install Microsoft 365 through the Student Microsoft 365 page.

Faculty, staff, and students all have 1TB of web storageĀ 
7.) ScreenPal
See Downloading and Installing ScreenPal for installation instructions. Contact the Help Desk for Access URL and password information
8.) Zoom
Students do not get full Zoom accounts by default, but may request them in special cases such as webcasting Student Senate meetings and the like; contact Eric Remy 
Updated on May 13, 2024

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